Yes - I have the best priced Tesla’s in the best condition. I search all day, everyday to find them and ship them into Salt Lake. I also reevaluate pricing daily so I am the best priced compared to any other dealer. 

Every car I have has between 6% & 9% degradation, which means the battery is in great shape. If the degradation is higher, I don't sell the car! 

2017-2020 Model 3's and all Model Y's charge to around 280 miles, give or take a few. Real world summer you can expect around 250 miles, real world winter you can expect around 220 miles per full charge. If you drive less than that per day, you're good to go! 2021 and newer Model 3's charge to around 325 miles. Real world summer is around 300, real world winter around 275.  

It is an instant (point of sale) tax credit. It acts like a cash deposit. 

Example: Price of the car plus taxes and registration = $23,700. If you qualify for the tax credit, the total due is now $19,700. 

Please see the IRS website below and/or consult a CPA. I am not an accountant and cannot give tax advice. Generally, if you make less than $75k single or $150k married filing jointly, you qualify. You must buy the car from a certified IRS clean energy dealer. Most dealers are not certified and many that are don't know all the rules around the qualifications. Don't make a $4,000 mistake by going with a dealer who doesn't know the rules! 



I have a few credit unions I can use to facilitate financing such as America First and Mountain America. Credit score around 700 is ideal. 

I do not take payments and do not in-house finance. 

Yes I do. I take almost anything in on trade. Keep in mind, I only sell EV’s, so gasoline cars go to car auctions. To get a good idea of trade value, get an online quote from carmax.

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