About Mountain Auto SLC

I've been selling Tesla's for over 3 years. It's no secret we have horrible air here in the Salt Lake City valley. I'm dedicating my business to be a part of the solution by acquiring electric cars at unbeatable prices. My promise to you is to provide the highest quality Tesla's at the lowest prices in the country! 

Before selling Tesla's, I only sold Subaru's. My whole family is a "Subacrew" haha. I sold my Impreza to go all electric - but still love Subaru's & buy them whenever possible. I used to own a small rental car company with a fleet of Subaru's, so I know their quirks very well. Rest assured, I know what I'm looking at when I buy one, so you'll never have to worry about getting a bad car! 

Also, you can just stop by to give some scratches to the employee of the month, Baxter!